Fly to the “Beats”, Apple Partners with Southwest to offer Free In-Flight Music Streaming

Announced today – and beginning today – your next flight may have a bit more, well Beats. Amid rumors that Beats Music is on its way out, Apple continues to push its newly-purchased Beats Music to various venues, including its latest integration with Apple TV and now Southwest Airlines. This latest addition of Southwest is expected to be a trial period for the brand to test consumer receptiveness as well as introduce potential new users to Beats. It’s a fairly good plan as Southwest users are a captive audience and getting something for free is always a bonus in the current trend of no-frills, bare-bones flights.

“Southwest connects our Customers to what is important in their lives, and in this case, it’s music,” said Kevin Krone, Southwest Airlines Chief Marketing Officer. “We continue to enhance our onboard offerings to remain current as our Customers’ needs evolve, and with the addition of Beats Music on our entertainment portal, we’re doing just that.”

Free Music, New Paint Jobs

Along with integrating free music into its planes, Southwest also custom painted aircraft in its fleet with Beat headphones on the cockpit (image above) and the phrase “Don’t miss a beat” in the mid-section (image below).


Beats Music Onboard

Beats will be available on any of Southwest’s WiFi enabled planes; just bring any device that works with the Beats app (iOS or Android) or any device that you can access the browser version of Beats along with headphones to enjoy a concert in the skies. Music selection will be provided in either a curated Beats’ playlist hand-selected by an expert or a custom playlist that can be created by the user simply answering four questions about location, activity, surroundings, and musical preference.

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Fly to the “Beats”, Apple Partners with Southwest to offer Free In-Flight Music Streaming
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