Secrets for Nailing the Video Interview

If there’s one thing most business professionals can agree on, it’s that long-distance interviews, aka interviews via video, are terrifying. With more and more jobs becoming location independent, the long-distance interview are here to stay. Here are some tips for nailing your next video interview and getting the job.

Secrets on how to ace a long distance interview:

Test your connection: If you’re interviewing via video, make sure to test your connection with a friend before. Does the video and audio come across clearly? It’s important that you choose a quiet place with a plain background if possible. AKA no pets, babies or other distractions.

Practice, practice, practice: Most people are not used to interviewing via video and can feel more nervous than an in-person interview. Ease those nerves by practicing beforehand.

Be yourself: It’s easy to come across as inauthentic in a video interview, especially if you’re focused on looking at your own video feed. It might be best to minimize your own feed to avoid distractions and come across more genuine.

Speak directly to the camera: Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the center of your screen, instead look directly at the camera in order to simulate eye contact.

Genuinely smile: Whether you’re interviewing in person, via video or even over a phone call, authentic smiling will increase your likability.

Get in the mood: Listening to happy, upbeat music is a great way to actually be happy before a long-distance interview, which translates into positive energy in an interview – and hiring managers want positive people on their teams.

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Exercise: Exercise is proven to get the happy hormones flowing, so some light stretching or a brisk walk will calm nerves and make you feel top of your game. Alternatively, power posing (aka standing in a position of confidence) for 2 minutes is a quick way to build confidence.

Watch what you eat and drink: On the same note, having a heavy meal or highly caffeinated drink might make you come across as sluggish or agitated – try to avoid eating or drinking anything that might negatively affect your interview performance. Even though having an alcoholic drink before a long-distance interview might seem like a great way to calm your nerves, it’s actually very easy to tell when a candidate is buzzed.

Don’t be too comfortable: Remember, this is a business meeting, don’t come dressed too casual or get too comfortable just because you’re in your home. AKA don’t sit on your couch for a skype interview.

Have water handy: For some reason the urge to cough will likely hit in the middle of your video interview, no worries, calmly have a couple of sips of water.

Elizabeth Becker is the Client Partner of IT Staffing Firm PROTECH, Her hiring and recruiting expertise has been featured in a variety of publications.

Secrets for Nailing the Video Interview

Elizabeth Becker

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