The Smarter Smartphone Accessory: Top 4 Picks


With battery-draining applications on the front burner, smartphone users are forced to turn to chargers more often than they might like, or be able, to. Tech companies have come out with a solution to that problem with lines of portable charging devices; however, some models tend to be bulky, awkward, or just downright inconvenient. The Mophie offers a sleek, portable, and user-friendly way to charge smartphones, as well as some iPod, iPad, and tablet models. Charging cases range in price from $80 up to $120 and are available for the iPhone 4 and 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and S III. The smartphone accessories are sold in a variety of colors and fit just as non-charging cases would, though they do require an adapter cable (included) to use the headphone jack.


OlloClip Telephoto Lens

This smartphone accessory is only for Apple users (sorry Androiders). The OlloClip Telephoto Lens attaches quickly and easily to the corner of an iPhone (generation 4 or higher), iPad, or iPod Touch to enhance the photo-taking experience. The iPhone 5’s eight megapixel camera with its sapphire crystal lens cover and backside illumination sensor takes some pretty clear pictures, but those looking for more might choose to try out the OlloClip, made of anodized aluminum and delivering a 2x optical magnification. The smartphone accessory autofocuses once it is clipped on to a device, and the polarizer lens self-adjusts to changes in light, brightens colors, and reduces reflection. Depending on the lens system chosen, OlloClip can range in price from $49.99 to $99.99. Avid photographers might choose to also purchase a special case for the smartphone accessory, as regular cases require removal before attaching OlloClip.

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Brookstone Pocket Projector Slim

This smartphone accessory is slim, as the name indicates, though it is not the most portable of gadgets, due to the connecting wires. As far as pocket projectors in general go, however, this one is one of the more convenient because again, as the name indicates, it can fit in a pocket, making it about the same size as the average smartphone. Included with the device is a 3′ HDMI cable, a MHL micro USB to HDMI cable, and a Samsung S3 adapter, making the projector compatible with many different smartphones. The projector can run on a single charge for 3.5 hours (that’s two full-length movies or three work presentations, with time to spare), and the rechargeable 3300mAh battery can also function as a USB backup power source for smartphones. The 25-lumen LED lamp can project videos or PowerPoint slides, or whatever else, up to 60” diagonal. The smartphone accessory can be ordered through Amazon for $199.99, plus free shipping.

brookstone projector

Importer520 Rechargable Mini 3.5mm Audio Speaker Mini Ball with Microphone

Convenience is high on this smartphone accessory. This little speaker plugs into the audio jack on most devices, making it smartphone-friendly, and involves no wires except to charge it. The powerful speaker fits easily into bags, purses, office drawers, etc. and is sold in several color options for only $9.95, plus shipping, on Amazon.


The Smarter Smartphone Accessory: Top 4 Picks

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