South Florida Startups on the Move

As an emerging Tech hub, South Florida is becoming an incubator for startups across industries. Check out these four South Florida startups on the move!

Dental Tech

For dentist offices, one of the biggest challenges is winning over new patients while still encouraging return visitors. 123 Patient Portal has created an all-in-one system that not only integrates with e-marketing tools like your website or social accounts, it also gives you tools to increase revenue. Tools like automated insurance verification, patient reminders and online forms make the patient experience simple and easy and encourage return visits. For high tech in the dental office, 123 Patient Portal is leading the way.

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Travel Tech

Ever traveled overseas and had to choose between connectivity and cost? Handprint, a Miami based startup, is making it easy for visitors from around the world to visit the United States and stay connected without breaking the bank. The process is simple, for a flat fee Handprint will ship you a phone to your hotel room on the day you arrive, provide unlimited calling and data, and even pay for return shipping at the end of your vacation. Plus, if you have your contacts on an email provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, you’ll be able to synch your contacts right to your phone.

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Innovative Advertising

Admobilize is a South Florida startup that has created the first “Plug and Measure” analytics for physical spaces. Their product, called AdBeacon, measures, in real-time, audience engagement, age, ethnicity, gender, dwell time, gaze-through ratio, peak times, impressions, views and emotions. What does this mean for advertisers? Well, with this technology, advertisers can get data on how an audience engages with a specific advertisement. Up until this point, advertisers can only know how many TV sets are tuned to a specific ad at any given time. With the AdBeacon, advertisers can get data from businesses with the equipment on who has their eyes on the device and even how they feel about it.

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Smart Shopping

Bedabox, a south Florida based start-up, is bringing the US shopping experience abroad. For customers based out of the US, it can be difficult to buy the products and pay with international currency. With Bedabox you buy the product at any US store and have it shipped to a US address provided to you. They’ll store the product and ship to you for only the cost of shipping. Seems like a great deal for non-US based customers wanting to buy items that might be unavailable to them in their current country.

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South Florida Startups on the Move

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