Summer Marketing Interns Learn about IT

At PROTECH, we seek to connect qualified IT candidates with clients who need them. Our recruiters work closely with both to ensure good fits and a personal approach to IT staffing. We serve clients who range in stature from small start-ups to Fortune 500s.

This summer, our marketing interns, Alexa and Hali, learned a little bit about how marketing works at PROTECH. We are currently in the process of building a new website, and the two college students contributed content, as well as original blog posts, to the new interface. They also sifted through published IT articles to find some fun and informative links to post to our social media accounts.

In five short weeks, the basics of WordPress and keyword research were covered, and the two interns wrote job listings, submitted relevant images to accompany text, and reviewed hundreds of resumes.

Hali, a second-year Communications major at Florida State University, knew what she wanted in an internship when she applied for a temporary marketing internship with PROTECH.

“I was looking for the opportunity to grow in a hard-working environment and gain the experience I needed to further prosper in a professional world,” she said.

And that is just what she got.

“Not only did my internship at PROTECH help me build up my resume and marketing skills, but it also helped me get a feel for what it actually means to implement hard work and have something to show for it,” Hali said of her marketing internship, two days before she is to leave for school.

Alexa, a first-year student starting at New York University this fall, was looking for a similar opportunity when she came across a posting for PROTECH’s summer marketing internship.

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“I wanted to gain some actual work experience before starting college; I was looking for an internship that would allow me to explore something new, but more importantly, allow me to write and acquire skills that I could ultimately use in a professional aspect,” she said.

Alexa and Hali were vital this summer in accomplishing some tasks that needed doing, namely the updating and cleaning of PROTECH’S proprietary database of tens of thousands of candidates. The two marketing interns spent days at a time making and taking phone calls and adding email addresses to the system.

Knowledge of the information technology sector itself was of course gained as well.

“I can also say that I am now versed in some IT lingo, as well as various skills and programs in the industry,” Alexa said of what she took away from the experience. “Even if I have no clue what a C++ developer actually does or what Citrix really is, I know now that they make quite a difference in the world of technology.”

Summer Marketing Interns Learn about IT

Elizabeth Becker

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