The Ten Highest-Paid IT Jobs in the Industry

Information technology jobs are on the rise across the US; an IT specialist or someone just starting his education might find this list of high-growth and well-paying IT jobs to be of interest (Career titles and salaries from

  1. CIO/CTO: $150,000-$230,000

What: Both executive-level positions, CIOs and CTOs deal with overseeing the technological developments and operations of a firm. The primary difference between these two IT jobs is that the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) mostly supervises the progress of new technologies, whereas the Chief Information Officer (CIO) solves issues through the use of existing innovations.

Who: To work at this level one must have excellent communication skills and be willing to dedicate his availability to his team and company; an MBA in a related field is usually expected and most advantageous.

  1. Chief Security Officer: $135,000-$200,000

What: A CSO is responsible for the entirety of a company or firm’s security realm, meaning the digital and physical aspects. Someone in this position also frequently takes part in other economic/security matters closely related to his own IT job description, such as plans for business continuity and prevention of loss and fraud.

Who: A CSO must be intelligent, persuasive, and articulate and have a good background in IT operations; knowledge of relevant security laws is a must and experience in business continuity and risk management is a plus.

  1. Application Architect: $130,000-$170,000

What: An application architect is essentially what it sounds like: someone who models, expands, and puts into practice applications for computer systems. They direct the design, and oversee the completion of, the app throughout its stages of development.

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Who: Someone looking to undertake this IT job should have at least a BA in and IT-related field and an understanding of the company budget and financial resources for application-like projects.

  1. VP, Information Technology: $130,000-$165,000

What: The Vice President of Information Technology at a firm oversees the IT operations of the company to ensure that things run smoothly and securely. The VP must manage the IT budget, designate tasks to technical staff, and supervise the general operations of the company’s technology systems.

Who: Extensive IT experience is a must for this IT job, and an MBA in business administration with a focus on information technology is often a requirement.

  1. Director, Information Technology: $125,000-$165,000

What: An IT director has similar responsibilities to a CTO (see No. 1 for job description) but on a smaller scale and with fewer operations and staff members to oversee.

Who: Educational background should be comparable to that of a CTO but as much experience may not be required, as this is a lower-level IT job.

  1. Network Architect: $125,000-$150,000

What: These IT professionals model, assess, and analyze networks and data communications systems. They turn out hardware, cable, and software solutions, among other things.

Who: Someone seeking related IT jobs should have a BA in an IT-related field.

  1. VP, Engineering: $120,000-$165,000

What: The Vice President of Engineering is tasked with leading engineering team meetings, implementing corporate policy, and helping plan and manage department budgets.

Who: To work this IT job, an individual should have at least a BA in his chosen field of engineering, though an MBA or doctorate is most advantageous, and extensive experience in his specialty.

  1. VP, Infrastructure: $120,000-$165,000

What: The Vice President of Infrastructure handles the direction of all IT aspects of a firm, including hardware, software, and security systems.

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Who: Extensive experience and a BA in a computer science field might get a candidate through the door, but an MBA is often preferred by employers looking to hire for this IT job.

  1. IS Security Manager: $120,000-$160,000

What: The IS Security Manager is responsible for information systems security, which includes handling database protection, disaster recovery, and software development. The person filling this role is also tasked with overseeing the firm’s security analysts.

Who: Creativity, good judgment, and extensive experience, as well as good leadership, are expected in candidates applying for this IT job, along with a BA in a related field.

  1. MySQL DBA: $120,000-$130,000

What: The primary responsibility of MySQL Database Administrators is to ensure that database servers, specifically, MySQL, are running smoothly and at maximum efficiency. DBAs handle back up and recovery of servers, manage users and security, and work closely with software developers.

Who: Most employers prefer to hire candidates with an MBA in an IT-related field. DBAs must be registered and their certifications renewed regularly.



The Ten Highest-Paid IT Jobs in the Industry
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