Employees Care Less about Stability

In 2009 and 2010, job stability was the number 1 motivator for an employee considering a job offer. Dropping in 2011-2014 to the number 2 spot, right after salary, it was still an important consideration. This year, however, job stability almost fell off our top ten list of employee motivators, coming in at number 9.

More Employees Want Flextime/Telecommuting

In 2009, 18% of employees listed Flextime/Telecommuting as the best perk offered by an employer. This year, 30% of employees said it was the favorite perk. Employees want to have more flexibility in their work schedule, allowing them to avoid rush hour or be able to visit a doctor. Employers that realize this are attracting and retaining top candidates.

Employees Want Better Leaders

In previous years, Leadership quality was a 4th or 5th consideration in whether or not to take a new job. In 2015, Leadership Quality skyrocketed to the number 2 spot. With the market shifting to a candidate-driven marketplace, employees care just as much about who they are working for as what they will be doing. In today’s market, in order to retain top employees, employers must be cautious about who they place in leadership roles.

Employees Feel Market is Getting Better

Employees feel the IT Market is steadily improving over the past few years. Since 2009, the percent of candidate that feel the IT Market has increased from 3%-46%.


This year promises to be an exciting year for Tech Employees. With an improving IT Market and better perks, Tech Employees are able to be choosier when it comes to job offers. As for employers, attracting and retaining top employees is going to be key for 2015.

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Elizabeth Becker

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