Steve Jobs best moments brilliantly animated

This animated slideshow depicts many of Steve Jobs’ greatest moments.

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The following key events in Steve Jobs’s life have been featured in the animated bio by Quartsoft:

  • One of the first days of Steve’s life with his biological mother and father in San Francisco (1955)
  • Baby Steve with his adoptive parents (1955)
  • Jobs family moving from San Francisco to Mountain View, California (1961)
  • Steve’s father is showing him how to work on electronics (1961)
  • Steve’s 4th-grade teacher Imogene Hill bribing him back into learning with candy and money (1965)
  • Steve Jobs looking at HP 9100A – the first desktop computer in his life (1968)
  • Bill Fernandez introducing Steve to his neighbor Steve Wozniak (1971)
  • Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs using a “blue box” designed by Wozniak to call Vatican City (1972)
  • Steve Jobs enrolling at Reed College in Portland, Oregon (1972)
  • Steve dropping out of college (1973)
  • Steve still attending a course on calligraphy in college (1973)
  • Steve’s first job at Atari (1974)
  • Steve Jobs’s spiritual trip to India with his friend Daniel Kottke (1974)
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak selling their stuff to get the first money they needed to print out Apple I circuit boards (1976)
  • Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founding Apple Computers (1976)
  • Jobs and Wozniak are presenting their computer to the Homebrew Computer Club (1976)
  • Steve Jobs talking with Paul Terrell about the possibility of selling the Apple I kits in his computer store (1976)
  • Jobs and Wozniak negotiating the purchase of $15,000 worth of parts needed to fill the Byte Shop order on credit at Cramer Electronics (1976)
  • The Apple Computer team assembling 50 computers for The Byte Shop in the Jobs family garage (1976)
  • Steve Jobs delivering the first 50 Apple computers to Paul Terrell (1976)
  • Mike Markkula investing $92,000 in Apple for about a third ownership in the company (1977)
  • Steve Jobs presenting the Apple II at the first West Coast Computer Faire (1977)
  • Steve Jobs is visiting Xerox PARC with a group of Apple engineers and executives in exchange for 100 000 Apple shares at about $10 each (1979)
  • Jobs working with the Lisa project team (1981)
  • Jobs attending the annual International Design Conference in Aspen to get inspired with the spare and functional design philosophy of the Bauhaus movement (1981)
  • Jobs working with the Macintosh project team (1983)
  • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discussing the Mac GUI and future cooperation between Apple and Microsoft (1983)
  • Jobs offering the position of Apple’s CEO to Pepsi-Cola president John Sculley (1983)
  • The Macintosh launch event (1984)
  • CEO John Sculley and the board firing Steve from Apple (1985)
  • Establishing NeXT Inc. (1985)
  • Buying the computer division of George Lucas’ ILM for $10 million and incorporating it as Pixar (1986)
  • Jobs introducing the NeXT cube computer (1988)
  • Negotiating a cooperation agreement between Pixar and Disney (1991)
  • Visiting the Pixar team working on the Toy Story animated film (1995)
  • Steve Jobs returning to Apple as an “informal adviser” to CEO Gil Amelio (1996)
  • Becoming an interim CEO of Apple (1997)
  • The peace pact between Apple and Microsoft and the Microsoft’s $150 million investment in Apple (1997)
  • Jobs discussing design of the iMac computer with Jony Ive (1997)
  • Steve Jobs introducing Apple’s revolutionary iMac at the Flint Center auditorium in Cupertino (1998)
  • The iPod team sharing ideas on the product with Steve Jobs (2001)
  • Steve Jobs introducing iPod (2001)
  • Steve Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (2003)
  • Jobs is on a secret meeting discussing the multi-touch technology for the future Apple’s cell phone (2005)
  • Steve Jobs introducing iPhone (2007)
  • Steve Jobs selecting the right size of the future iPad (2007)
  • Steve Jobs introducing iPad (2010)
  • Steve Jobs dies at 56 on October 5, 2011
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Watch the entire Steve Jobs Animated Biography, featuring these key events in his life:

For the true Apple die-hards, here’s a bonus infographic with some extra highlights of Steve Jobs’ life:



Idea and animation: Dmitriy Nesterov
Illustrator: Helen Stoyka
Music: SaReGaMa

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Content used with permission. Originally published on Quartsoft.

Steve Jobs best moments brilliantly animated
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