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PROTECH CEO, Deborah Vazquez, was quoted in an article by the South Florida Business Journal “Times are changing as workplace diversity gets better.”


For Protech CEO Deborah Vazquez, diversity makes the United States dynamic and evolving.

“Our country was formed and built on diversity,” she said. “There are untold studies that document how diversity in the workforce enhances how companies operate and succeed within their communities. We see it in operation daily.”

Vazquez not only believes it, she lives it at her technology placement and hiring firm. As a hired gun for recruiting, she also is ground zero for diversity best practices in hiring. At times, she says she is working against established prejudices, old patterns and indifference, but most of that is changing by law, custom and the profit incentive.

For instance, software teams are frequently heavily weighted with men, as technology training has historically attracted more men than women. That is changing from the top down.


Read the full article here: Times are changing as workplace diversity gets better

Times are changing as workplace diversity gets better
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