Tips for a successful out of state job hunt

Looking for employment out of one’s state can be challenging. Here are some top tips for making sure your job hunt is effective and produces results.

Get a Local Number

If you’re looking for a job in a specific location, get a free Google Voice number with an area code in that city.

Leave off your Address

If you’re seriously considering relocating to a specific city, it’s advisable to remove your current out of state address from your resume. You can leave it blank or put something like “Relocating to: Miami, FL” if you’d prefer.

Do Your Research before Applying

Make a list of all the companies and recruiting firms hiring for roles of interest using excel or a spreadsheet program. Research each company using a variety of sources including GlassDoor, Facebook and other online review sites. What former employees and customers say is critical in deciding if a company is one you’d like to work for. Since you don’t have the benefit of being local and knowing their community reputation, it’s important to only approach companies that meet your expectations.

Follow Up

Once you have your list of companies and firms you want to work with, apply to each role and set reminders to follow up with either an email or phone call to a recruiter at each position and track everything in your spreadsheet. Out of state candidates tend to get ignored since many apply in error, not realizing the position is in another state. By following up, you can explain to someone your eager interest in relocating and usually get further through the process then just applying and waiting.

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Location, Location, Location

If having a short commute is important to you, I would recommend using a crime research tool to research the area surrounding the company. This way you can make sure you’d feel comfortable living within a reasonable commuting distance to your new employer.

Cost of Living

If you’re price sensitive when it comes to cost of living, check out the average prices of apartments near your potential job opportunities. Although one job may be able to offer more in pay, if your rent is going to be significantly more expensive, it might make sense to choose an opportunity in an area with cheaper rent.

Have you successfully relocated out of state for a job? Share your tips in the comments below!

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Tips for a successful out of state job hunt

Elizabeth Becker

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