Top 6 Reasons to Work with an IT Recruiter

With a sudden rapid demand for filled IT positions, companies are scrambling for new additions to their staff as quickly as possible. Their built-in recruiters are being overloaded with applicants and being bombarded down by stacks of resumes than by the strengths of the unique and qualified candidate themselves. Working with an IT recruiter takes a load off of a companies staff and provides a highly trained middle-man to professionally work the in’s and out’s of the IT recruiting world.

1. They have the resources.

An IT recruiter has the unrestricted access to websites and databases filled with candidates that match your qualifications and necessities. They take the positions that need filling and screen the candidates they find to be perfectly placed onto the company’s team. Instead of worrying about how you, as an in-house headhunter, have to figure out which candidates are eligible for the job and how you are going to see who fits your criteria, an IT recruiter has resumes on file and hundreds coming in just awaiting a perfect match to start the reviewing process.

2. They have the client history.

Building up a candidate database takes time. Positions get filled and then new candidates come in, wishfully hoping for the IT recruiter to grant them the job they need. These firms have extensive history with their clients, whether they got the job right away or it took some time to find the right one. The recruiters find the candidates that meet an opened position’s exact needs from the history that they have built with their clients and the friendly service with a name they can trust.

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3. They have the experience.

The IT recruiters that make up the staff of an IT recruiting firm are well equipped with extensive background knowledge of the information technology community. These sales leaders not only have experience with the industry, but with the ways in which to market their candidates so that your company gets the branded IT expert they specifically need. A top outside recruiter finds you talented and well-qualified people simply because they are continuously exposed to the market place.

4. They speak the language.

An IT recruiter has the vast understanding of the vocabulary that inhabits the industry. They know how to speak it, comprehend it, and then administer it in a simplified way so that companies who aren’t as familiar with the knowledge can now understand and make the right hiring decision for them. Companies sometimes have the unfortunate experience of not understanding what they even need to look for to ensure the right employee becomes apart of their staff. Recruiting firms understand what you need and are able to match your necessities with the assets of their candidates.

5. They have the time.

Instead of being overwhelmed with applicants and having to manage your everyday workload as it is, an IT recruiter has a sole purpose of catering to the needs of you. They take the work right off your hands while frequently updating you with how the process is unfolding. They become your highly trained professional messengers that work how you need them to.

6. They can save you money.

Companies become skeptical about hiring recruiters due to cost of hiring someone outside the company could become costly. In reality, the benefits outweigh the costs tremendously. The recruiters find you the right candidates that stay the right candidates whereas an in-house recruiter might not understand what it is you want and hire the wrong candidate wasting more of your time and money doing the job an outsourced recruiter could have done all along.

Top 6 Reasons to Work with an IT Recruiter

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