Ultimate Job Search Infographic


Create a dedicated email address and phone number. Use Google Voice or other service to create a number to maintain your privacy and keep job-related calls separate.

Set up a professional voicemail greeting. Make sure your voicemail includes your first and last name and potentially your dedicated email address if you would prefer to be reached that way.

Update your LinkedIn profile

  • Professional photo
  • Dedicated job-seeking phone/email in profile
  • Include tech specifics to help recruiters find you
  • Write a clear headline for the job you want
  • Set your profile to “Open InMail” which allows recruiters and hiring managers to message you for free.

Reach out to your network. Many jobs are filled before a job ad is even written! Don’t be afraid to reach out to connections when you’re seeking a new role, that’s what a network is for.

  • If you’re actively seeking, spread the message far and wide
  • If you’re in stealth mode, a few targeted messages are best

Create and/or update your portfolio of professional accomplishments. For many tech jobs, a strong portfolio can be the difference between getting offer and getting rejected.

Clean up social profiles and/or set to private. Many employers review social presence, don’t let unprofessional posts or accounts hinder a potential offer.

Update your resume to focus on accomplishments, instead of simply past responsibilities. A resume should not be a list of everything you ever have done, instead, it should be designed to show an employer how you can help them in your next role. This differentiate yourself from other candidates with similar backgrounds.

Partner with a reputable, specialized recruiter who understands what you do and the market. A good recruiter is an invaluable ally – able to provide access to a wide-network of jobs, resume advice, interview tips, and current market information to make sure you get the best offer at the best company.  A good recruiter will also have a wide network with access to opportunities you would otherwise not be able to access.

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Ultimate Job Search Infographic
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