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As a leading IT staffing firm in Miami, we often get asked the question about the types of recruitment services we offer. In fact, most companies are surprised to learn that we offer three types of employment options that can accommodate any company, whether you’re in the SMB sector are a Fortune 500.

1. Direct Hire

A direct hire placement is when a candidate is hired by your company in an open position. This doesn’t have to be full-time (although often it is) but should be a permanent role. For these types of placements, PROTECH charges flat percentage of the employee’s base salary. Unlike some firms that also require a fee on any bonuses or commissions, we only charge based on the base salary.

2. Contract-to-Hire

This is one of our most popular recruitment services for SMBs and even startups that are on a tight budget. A contract-to-hire placement requires no upfront fees and you only pay a single flat hourly rate that includes the employee’s salary, insurances, and our fee all in one neat package. We bill you only for the exact number of hours the candidate works. At the end of the contract-to-hire period, you can hire the candidate to your team full-time without any additional fees.

3. Contract

This option is popular for companies that need short term employees for special projects. We have contractors available immediately to help fill in any gaps at a set hourly rate. If a contractor fits well on your team and you want to keep them for the long term, you simply pay an additional fee to convert. This is a great way to evaluate a candidate before you commit to hiring them full-time.

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What are the types of recruitment services offered by PROTECH?

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